Sustainability at Loro Oro

Ethical approach

We have all our products manufactured only in places that, like us, have really high standards for the final products. We are united with our business and production partners by our core values, such as social responsibility, health and safety of workers, environmental protection and, of course, product quality.

Materials for Moon and Amara handbags from certified leather

Our suppliers have been awarded by the following organizations and received certificates:

The Leather Working Group is the non-profit organization responsible for the world's leading eco-certification for the leather industry and the number one globally recognized brand representing responsible leather sourcing for industry and consumers. The categories cover a wide range of tannery operations that have an impact on the environment, including waste management, energy consumption, water consumption, and air and noise emissions.

Der Blaue Engel is the oldest eco brand in the world. As an independent body, it sets high standards for products and services that strive to be environmentally friendly. Products with this certificate must therefore meet a number of technical requirements, health and safety standards, the fulfillment of which is checked by an independent jury of the Blue Angel.

ISO 14001 certificate This certificate is a guarantee for customers and suppliers that the company complies with the principles of environmental protection. ISO 14001 focuses primarily on waste reduction and recycling. Furthermore, on reducing energy intensity and related costs or reducing the release of harmful emissions into the air, water or soil.

Respect for the environment

Not only do we strive for more sustainable production ourselves, we also require the same approach from all our suppliers. Our partners and suppliers are constantly developing new production processes that burden the environment as little as possible. They work on the lowest possible water consumption during production. It also tries to reuse thermal energy from production processes and optimize liquid, solid and gaseous emissions.

"In 2019 we managed to recycle 79% of our waste, in 2020 we reached 80% by creating a new waste and emissions data entry system. In 2021, we have already achieved 84% of recycled waste by using recycled packaging materials," proudly says the representative of our production.

In order to minimize the amount of waste as much as possible, we bring new products in the form of pre-orders more and more often. When launching a new collection, we have a minimum amount of products in stock (sometimes only a few pieces). We start production only after the start of pre-sales, when it is already clear what interest there will be for a specific product. No product or piece of material goes to waste.


We pack orders in a cardboard box made of three-layer, five-layer or seven-layer corrugated cardboard. We use packaging that is environmentally friendly and easily recyclable.