About us


Veříme v krásu detailů, kvalitní kůži, nadčasový design a precizní zpracování. Spojením těchto prvků vytváříme nejen produkty, ale i pocity, které si budete léta hyčkat.

LORO ORO comes to life in a palette of raw colours that reinterpret the varied spectrum of the nature and its precious wonders.

Our Philosophy

Functionality: We believe that if a product is designed to function well, it will by definition be beautiful.

Artisanship: Craftsmanship and quality have always been the key elements that set our goods apart from the rest.

Season-less: We are strongly connected to the nature and its wonders. Our respect for nature is embodied through versatile products that will never go out of style. „Only the glamour of our products is not enough. it is functionality and endurance that makes the real difference.“

The story

Founded in 2017 by designer, Alina Janovskaja, the brand has been on a mission to propose a new wardrobe of versatile styles that accompany its wearer throughout the whole day with flair. From business meetings and lunches at the chicest boutique hotels to enjoying terrace sunsets with a crisp glass of champagne. The brand has already been featured in DOLCE VITA, MARIANNE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, ELLE, and more as the “it” sustainable label. Worn by local Key Opinion Leaders and celebrities, Loro Oro has quickly built a cult following amongst its target audience.

Complementing their modern bohemian‘s wardrobe with a versatile leather handbag easily styled for different day occassions.

Sustainability at Loro Oro

Conscious decisions and sustainability is at the heart of everything what we do in Loro Oro. For us, it is always about making decisions with love and consideration for our planet and the people. Loro Oro is built on three pillars – Local production, Timeless design, High-quality materials.

All of our handbags and leather goods are handcrafted with integrity by skilful artisans using local techniques and traditions in small factories in Italy. Each specializing on a specific model. This allows us to support the the industry and people working in it on a much larger scale. We source our materials in local European tanneries in the South of Italy. Hardware is imported from our European suppliers. Fair working conditions are ensured of during our visits in the partner factories several times a year.